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LifeLock® vs IDENTITY GUARD®: New High Tech Junk Yard Dogs

by MarketProSecure

Todd Davis, CEO of Lifelock proclaims that he is so certain his company can protect your identity (and his), he posted his social security on the Internet. That is certainly a bold claim and one many individuals would love to trust. IDENTITY GUARD® EXTRA CAUTION® also makes strong statements about protecting your identity on the Internet, at the three major credit bureaus and on your computer. If you are worried, as many individuals are (unless they have been hiding in a cave for the last several years), these plans may have something you want.

Identify theft has happened to you or someone you know. It happened to me in a limited way. Someone sent e-mails from my APL contents list. Be assured, the e-mails were not complimentary to me and my embarrassment quotient soared to unexplored heights. A good friend woke-up one day to discover she was (without knowing it or agreeing to it) in the process of buying a new car, enrolling in a graduate program and opening various credit card accounts. Needless to say, she was not happy. However, after she called the merchants and the graduate school the problem stopped. She now reviews her credit bureau records weekly. It could have been much worse and it is for many Americans.

A shamefaced Blue Cross/Blue Shield recently notified members that a laptop computer with information on 300,000 members was missing. Supposedly this information could be used for fraudulent purposes. Twenty thousand employees with Krafts Food Company are also in danger for identity theft.

Again, a laptop with secure information is missing. The Federal Trade Commission reports that Identity theft has been the number one complaint category for seven years. On the average, it takes 600 hours to unravel an identity theft scheme and repair the damage. Most of us work, have homes and families and we do not have 600 hours to devote to outwitting techie criminals.

ID Protection Service Monthly Fee Free Offer Credit Monitoring Application
LifeLock $9.00 30 Days No Apply Now
IDENTITY GUARD® EXTRA CAUTION® $14.95 30 Days Yes Apply Now

LifeLock benefits

Lifelock has been featured on such television icons as CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and ABC News. The company was also mentioned in the venerable Wall Street Journal and Money Magazine. Identity protection companies meet a need that, for all practical purposes, did not even exist 15 years ago.

What LifeLock Offers

  • Blocks your credit accounts
  • One million dollar guarantee
  • Ends pre-approved credit offers
  • Limits junk mail
  • Smoothes the way when you apply for credit
  • Protects children's identity theft
  • Sends alerts to four major credit bureaus (you must approve a charge or change that goes through the credit bureaus)

LifeLock references are strong. They are members of the Better Business Bureau, E Trust and the National Crime Prevention Council.


They currently have over 7 million customers. Evidently, there are many individuals and companies that trust IDENTITY GUARD® EXTRA CAUTION®.

  • Sends alerts if security is breached
  • Scans for fraudulent credit applications in your name
  • Monitors public records in your name (i.e., property)
  • Offers free Internet and computer protection as long as you remain with them
  • Monitors the three major credit bureaus each day

Let's Talk about Cost and Other Benefits

LifeLock charges $9.00 per month and IDENTITY GUARD® EXTRA CAUTION® charges $14.95 a month. Both IDENTITY GUARD® EXTRA CAUTION® and LifeLock® give 30 days free. If you are the owner of a company, LifeLock offers proactive security, locking down your information before it has been breached.

Some people confuse credit monitoring with the services offered by LifeLock and IDENTITY GUARD® EXTRA CAUTION®. Credit monitoring, such as that offered by the credit bureaus, is quite different. Monitors alert you to a problem after it has occurred. Unfortunately, they do not help you to resolve the problem. Always be certain exactly what you are getting for your money.


Both companies, LifeLock® and IDENTITY GUARD® EXTRA CAUTION® offer valuable services. You know what services you need and how much you are willing to pay for those services. Someone may attempt to steal your good name and financial resources. Identity theft is certainly not uncommon in this World Wide Web age in which we live. As always compare, compare, compare...

If you decide to get protection, compare ID theft protection offers and apply on line with confidence. We value your security. We never lose our laptops.

Published: April 2, 2008

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Article: New High Tech Junk Yard Dogs - LifeLock® vs IDENTITY GUARD® EXTRA CAUTION®

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