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Credit Knowledge

Using Your Tax Refund [published 15 Feb 2012]
Using your tax refund to pay off large financial liabilities is a practice that is often recommended by financial experts every year. This could include paying down credit cards, mortgages, or even starting an emergency fund because you never know when you might need a little extra cash.

Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 [published 14 Jul 2011]
Filing bankruptcy is a way of resolving debt that cannot be paid. People must decide between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, which are significantly different. This choice can mean a lot for the future of their credit scores for the next seven to ten years.

What Is A Credit Score? [published 14 May 2011]
By definition, a credit score is a numerical expression that represents the analysis of a consumer's credit file. This number is then used determine the creditworthiness of the consumer when they apply for credit. This analysis is based on information gathered from each of the three major credit bureaus in the United States.

10 Tips for buying first home. Numbers Count. [published 18 Dec 2009]
When you are in the market for your first home, a more spacious home or a retirement it's-time-for fun-place, you need numbers. Unless you are paying cash, which requires big numbers, your first concern is a down payment.

Building and Protecting Business Credit [published 12 Sep 2008]
Responsible credit management is essential to small business success. It can help your business get the money it needs when it needs it and at a good rate. Strong credit

10 Hints for Pumping Up Your Credit Score [published 5 Jul 2008]
What you can do to improve your credit Score? Read our provided list of prescriptive options that can improve your credit.

Credit, the Good the Bad and the Ugly [published 11 Feb 2008]
Would you like to buy a house, lease an apartment, drive that sexy new Mustang or convert your den into a family friendly media room? If so, unless you are financially independent, such as having been blessed with a trust fund, you will need credit.

How to Cancel Credit Monitoring Service [published 22 Nov 2007] partners with several different companies that offer credit monitoring programs to US based customers. Here are the cancellation instructions for each of our partners.

Reading Credit Score Numbers [published 22 Nov 2007]
At present there are following possible evaluation patterns for your credit score: Excellent: When it is above 800: Lenders and insurers will view you as no risk at all. This happens when you have a long history of responsible multiple credit use.

What Does the Credit Score Mean? [published 22 Nov 2007]
Credit score is generated by a statistical model. Each of the large banks/insurance companies usually has their own generator different from others, however most companies are using the adopted FICO model.

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