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Affordability Calculator

Calculate if you can afford the house your just found to buy or should you look for a smaller one...

With the ongoing concern problem of a slow moving economy, it has proven quite difficult for many to keep up with their regular expense commitments. One that is known to be of greater concern to most people is those that own some form of property on a . Mortgage payments are seen as one of the largest outgoings in any household, especially seeing as such payments are known to last one their entire lifetime. The common approach towards taking out a mortgage is to take it out for the longest period available. What this ensures is that even though you are required to pay small amounts over a long period of time, the time it takes to pay off the initial principal is also extended. What this means in layman terminology is the fact that one would see themselves paying more interest over a long period of time.

What most people don't realize is that by making affordable payments up to amounts that they can afford can drastically reduce the principal amount that is outstanding. This in effect works out to be much cheaper. This is where the concept of the affordability calculator comes into play. The great thing about the affordability calculator is that all of the necessary calculations are done for you. All you are required to do is follow a few simple steps, which is mainly entering information about your mortgage and you are presented with the results accordingly.

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