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[1] Minimum Payment Calculator

The minimum payment calculator allows you to see how many years you can save by increasing your credit card monthly payments to a fixed amount which is above the minimum requirement. This in effect is proven to save over five to ten years of excess interest payments.

[2] Credit Card Payoff Calculator

The credit card payoff calculator is one of the few online financial instruments that are user friendly and easy to use. It helps identify how much money one can save by paying of their credit card debts in a shorter period of time. Simply enter a few numbers and the calculator does the rest.

[3] HELOC Calculator

If you are a home owner that has some form of equity value but are finding it difficult to keep up with your debt payments, maybe it is time that you start to consider making effective use of the HELOC calculator. It is very easy to use and shows how much money you can save.

[4] Should I Refinance Calculator

Deciding on whether to refinance your mortgage or not can be a difficult and expensive task. Thanks to the "should I refinance calculator," this is no longer the case. This simple calculator offers all the advice you would get from a financial advisor without having to spend a penny.

[5] Rent vs. Buy calculator

Choosing whether to rent or buy a property can seem impossible to decide on, especially when you have no guidance. The great thing about the rent vs. buy calculator is that it helps one identify which option to choose based on their individual circumstances and it doesn’t cost a penny.

[6] Affordability Calculator

With rising expenses due to the current economical climate, it is important to save money wherever possible. For those that own a property on a mortgage, they can now make effective use of the affordability calculator which helps identify any money that they can save on their current outstanding mortgage.

[7] How much House Can I Afford

With rising expenses and an increase in job pay cuts, it is very important to know which houses one can afford to buy and which they can not. The ‘how much house can I afford calculator' helps by assisting one as to which types of homes they can afford and which they can not.

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