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Control Prepaid MasterCard Features [published 31 Jul 2012]
The Control Prepaid MasterCard provides you with an easy way to spend your hard earned cash. Online features and many ways to load money onto the card are reasons enough to get the card. It's simple to apply for, too.

Credit Card Transactions In Four Steps [published 14 Jul 2012]
There are four steps to each of the 23 billion+ credit card transactions that are processed in the United States every year. These are authorization of the credit card information, batching, clearing of the funds, and then payment of the funds.

Ally Checking Debit MasterCard Review [published 30 Jun 2012]
The Ally Checking Debit Card is linked to the online checking account with an interest rate. Cash back can be earned and there are many ways to access money. Money can be managed online and other features come standard with the card.

Mobile Wallets and the Law [published 14 Jun 2012]
As technology improves and digital transactions continue to overtake cash exchanges, lawmakers have to be more concerned about the shift in commerce. This is natural as change happens, but efficiency is most prudent to ensure that everyone benefits fairly and with few problems.

American Express PASS Card Review [published 31 May 2012]
The PASS Card from American Express is a reloadable, prepaid card to teach financial responsibility to teens. There are many ways to load money onto the card and overspending can be avoided. Various account management tools are also available on the card.

American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card Review [published 14 May 2012]
The Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express provides you with many different benefits. Among them include the ability to earn cash back on eligible purchases, travel perks as well as discounts around the globe. The card is easy to apply for and offers payment flexibility.

Discounted Gift Cards Benefits [published 30 Apr 2012]
A lot of online vendors offer discounted gift cards. They are very real, allowing you to save a lot of money on the purchase of gift cards. Whether you purchase them for yourself or as gifts, you can save 5% or more by looking in the right place.

Credit One Visa Platinum Card Benefits [published 15 Apr 2012]
The Visa Platinum from One Bank provides you with a number of features to take advantage of all year long. Not only do you get platinum status and a significant credit line, you also get fraud liability. The card takes seconds to apply for and the buying power is yours.

Modern Cash Prepaid MasterCard Offers Solutions [published 31 Mar 2012]
When you're looking for a prepaid MasterCard, Modern Cash offers you one with solutions. You get to load your money in a number of ways and spend the card wherever MasterCard is accepted. More, you get an overdraft protection service and online account management.

Investigate Student Credit Cards Carefully [published 14 Mar 2012]
College students are offered many credit cards when they first enter campus. Parents can take advantage of this opportunity by investigating ones that will help their child in emergency situations while also helping them to establish a good credit history.

Citi ThankYou Credit Card Rewards and Benefits [published 29 Feb 2012]
The Citi ThankYou Card offers you a simple incentive program that makes it easy to redeem your points. You could also save some money with low introductory rates and the fact that this card has no annual fee.

Using Your Tax Refund [published 15 Feb 2012]
Using your tax refund to pay off large financial liabilities is a practice that is often recommended by financial experts every year. This could include paying down credit cards, mortgages, or even starting an emergency fund because you never know when you might need a little extra cash.

Versatility is Available with UPSide Student Visa [published 31 Jan 2012]
The UPSide Student credit card is a prepaid Visa that provides students and parents with three different options. This allows a customized card based upon spending needs, load options and much more. Cash isn't secure but the UPSide card is.

Wired Plastic Pink Ribbon Prepaid Visa Has Numerous Features [published 13 Jan 2012]
The Wired Plastic Prepaid Card has a number of features that can be enjoyed all year round. There are many ways to load money on the card. The card can be used everywhere that Visa is accepted. Plus online account management tools make it easy to manage your money.

Credit Cards and Business Sense [published 30 Dec 2011]
In any business, credit cards can be powerful tools. They can give you capital to invest, help defer the costs of daily operations, and give you some freedom to develop your company. Of course, that is only if you know how to use them wisely.

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