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mPower Visa Prepaid Card Review [published 14 Dec 2011]
The mPower Visa Prepaid Card is a safe and convenient alternative to traditional credit cards. You can use it anywhere Visa is accepted, which includes over the phone and on the internet. It gives you all the benefits of a credit card but without the restrictions.

American Express eGift Card - Versatile and Convenient [published 30 Nov 2011]
Sending money for a special occasion is simple and safe with an electronic gift card from American Express. Just use your credit card or Membership Rewards Points to load the card and your gift will be emailed to its recipient in a matter of minutes.

Capital One Spark Cash Select for Business Card Review [published 14 Nov 2011]
Small businesses can use the Capital One Spark Cash Select for Business card to receive cash rewards when they make purchases. Card members can earn cash back on every purchase they make online or in stores. They can cash their rewards out anytime they want, and the rewards never expire.

Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business Card Review [published 1 Nov 2011]
The Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business card has many perks for employees to earn miles. Companies who use their card for air miles will have an easier time affording airplane tickets when traveling around the country. The card offers many features to businesses, such as discounts when booking hotel rooms.

Citi Simplicity Card Keeps Credit Simple [published 14 Oct 2011]
The Citi Simplicity Card is exactly what you think it would be based on the name: a simple credit card with great benefits. With competitively low rates and an absence of many fees it is, in fact, a great card for just about anyone.

Prestige Plus Platinum Card. Elite USA Shopping Club [published 2 Oct 2011]
Shopping clubs are new way to provide people with the advantages of a credit card without many of the regulations that turn people off. The Prestige Plus Platinum card, for example, gives you access to the USA shopping club website without a credit check.

Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard Review [published 14 Sep 2011]
The Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard takes a fresh approach to prepaid debit cards. With a diamond design by Kimora Lee Simmons, this card offers both luxury and simplicity. It also offers the ability to save, spend with freedom, and the convenience of online maintenance.

You Get More with The Slate MasterCard from Chase [published 1 Sep 2011]
You get more with the Slate MasterCard from Chase with 0% Intro APR & 0% Balance Transfer Period For Up To 15 Months credit card. Obviously, you can enjoy extremely low rates for 15 months, but there are several incredible features you may also appreciate.

Maximum Rewards Platinum Edition Visa Card Benefits [published 15 Aug 2011]
If you are looking for a new credit card that is easy to understand and even easier to use, then the Maximum Rewards Platinum Edition Visa from the First National Bank of Omaha could be for you. With low rates and a straightforward incentive program it’s everything you could want.

Elite Credit Cards Aimed At Wealthy Clients [published 29 Jul 2011]
Credit card issuers are boosting profits by issuing elite credit cards to wealthier clients. A small portion of credit card consumers are enjoying healthy finances and card issuers are cashing in. Elite cards are issued to big spenders, usually charging transactions totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 [published 14 Jul 2011]
Filing bankruptcy is a way of resolving debt that cannot be paid. People must decide between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, which are significantly different. This choice can mean a lot for the future of their credit scores for the next seven to ten years.

Save Money and Reap Rewards With The Chase Sapphire Card [published 1 Jul 2011]
You can enjoy competitive rates, double points on select purchases, and a variety of redemption options with the Chase Sapphire Card. With no limits to the amount of points you can earn, and no expiration date, this will truly be there when you need it most.

ThankYou Rewards Credit Cards from CitiBank [published 14 Jun 2011]
ThankYou Rewards is a rewards program which allows consumers to earn points from a large network of retailers every time you use your participating Citi credit or debit card. ThankYou points can also be earned from everyday banking if you have a Citibank checking account. The program offers consumers a chance to consolidate reward points from various sources into one reward account. All affiliated cards and services can be linked together in order to collect all reward points in one place.

Should I DIY or Hire A Pro For Identity Fraud Protection? [published 31 May 2011]
Protecting your identity in this high-tech world can be just as important as protecting your family or personal belongings. Like most things, you can protect your identity by taking measures into your own hands or by using a professional company.

What Is A Credit Score? [published 14 May 2011]
By definition, a credit score is a numerical expression that represents the analysis of a consumer's credit file. This number is then used determine the creditworthiness of the consumer when they apply for credit. This analysis is based on information gathered from each of the three major credit bureaus in the United States.

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