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Capital One Cards vs. Chase Credit Cards [published 3 May 2011]
There are two credit cards on the market that seem to compete regularly with each other. The Capital One card and the Chase card have similar benefits and because of their competitive nature, the consumer can get some great advantages.

Why Is It Harder To Get A Credit Card Than An Auto Loan? [published 14 Apr 2011]
Credit Cards and Auto Loans involve several different regulations, sanctions, and legislation. Certain circumstances make it harder to obtain credit cards, than auto loans. Some agreements are more expensive over time, than others. Knowing contract details greatly improves chances of reduced monthly payments in both situations.

10 Best Practices for Debit Card Use [published 3 Apr 2011]
Most bank accounts give the account holders the use of a debit card. This can be a convenient way of paying for merchandise, but it can also cause problems for you and ultimately your credit score if not used properly.

Capital One Business Platinum Card Means Business [published 14 Mar 2011]
The Capital One Business Platinum Card gives businesses a variety of benefits with the ability to get cards for employees without paying additional annual fees. Itemized statements and year-end summaries make it easy for a business to track expenses and easy recordkeeping.

Charge Cards vs. Credit Cards [published 28 Feb 2011]
A vast majority of today's spenders purchase their goods with a credit or charge card. The world has definitely become a plastic one, with most people having at least one card. But are credit cards and charge cards the same thing?

Citi Forward Card: Do What You Love and Earn Rewards [published 14 Feb 2011]
There are a few credit cards out there that enable you to do the things you love doing most and reward you for it. The Citi Forward card is focused on the youth, on doing the things that you do the most, and earning rewards points as you go about doing them.

Earning Rewards with Citi Diamond Preferred Credit Card [published 31 Jan 2011]
Are you looking for a card that showers you with reward points, a card that allows easy balance transfers, and one that gives you easy access to your account online or via the phone? Make the smart choice with the Citi Diamond Preferred credit card.

Ink Cash Credit Card for Business Owners [published 14 Dec 2010]
Whether it is a convenience store or service providing agency or a business in fashion and retail or even food, every business needs tools that will help cut business expenses, while expanding options for rewards. What better way to do this than a credit card that is designed specifically to meet the rigors of maintaining and enhancing a business?

Citi Credit Cards vs. Chase Credit Cards [published 30 Nov 2010]
Credit cards are the lifeblood of the digital economy, but it can be overwhelming to choose between the many credit card offers one gets on a nearly daily basis. Two prominent issuers of credit cards are Citibank and Chase Bank, who both offer different perks and benefits for the cardholder.

Citi Dividend Platinum Select MasterCard Review [published 14 Nov 2010]
There are some things that you just cannot do today without the use of a credit card. Since you have to use one anyway wouldn't it be great to have one that literally pays you to use it. That is exactly what you get from Citibank/MasterCard. Read on to find out more about the great benefits and features of this card. Low interest and balance transfer fees are just the tip of the iceberg.

Citi Platinum Select MasterCard - The Way to Go [published 3 Nov 2010]
When people talk of the superior "Platinum" cards from different issuers, there usually isn't much of a difference. One of the differences is that some have higher credit limits and some have lower.

Should You Opt For A PenFed Credit Card? [published 14 Oct 2010]
The Pentagon Federal Credit Union offers a variety of Cost Saving Credit Cards that are better than almost all other credit cards offered by private card companies and banks.

Baby Phat Prepaid Credit Cards [published 1 Jul 2010]
With there having been a number of new companies offer Visa debit and credit cards, we take a closer look at what separates Baby Phat prepaid credit cards from any other card offer that is available in the market.

5 Questions About Business Credit Cards [published 27 May 2010]
Business credit cards have become a popular way to go about running a new business. Since the innovation of business credit cards, there have been some concerns. We are going to take a look at some of the most common questions asked in relation to business credit cards.

New Credit Card Act 2010 [published 25 Apr 2010]
This past May marked one of the most significant changes in recent American economics. The Office of Thrift Supervision, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the National Credit Union Administration convened and voted on which new policies to institute for the New Credit Card Act 2010. Their goal is protect the consumer from some of the formerly unfair practices.

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