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Save on Mortgage with Biweekly Payments [published 26 Mar 2010]
Biweekly mortgage payments are generally advertised as financial programs that help mortgage borrowers pay out in years less than what’s on the contract. This article tells you how to calculate the number of years and money you keep away from the lender when a biweekly payment program is in place.

Ready Debit Prepaid Visa - Use, Save & Live [published 16 Mar 2010]
Some people need a little extra help when it comes to managing their finances. Maybe you have been caught off guard by emergencies that resulted in excessive fees, or just found yourself overwhelmed by responsible financial practices. Regardless of your situation, a READY Debit Prepaid Visa Card, could be the answer to your problem.

10 Tips for buying first home. Numbers Count. [published 18 Dec 2009]
When you are in the market for your first home, a more spacious home or a retirement it's-time-for fun-place, you need numbers. Unless you are paying cash, which requires big numbers, your first concern is a down payment.

How to Analyze Credit Cards on case-by-case basis? [published 11 Sep 2009]
Analyzing credit cards to decide which one to apply for isn't nearly as easy as it sounds. When choosing credit cards, a wrong choice may leave you compiling debt but the right card could have you all smiles in the long run. A series of procedures to go through with remains important whether one is analyzing cards online or offline.

Choosing the Right Prepaid Credit Cards [published 23 Jul 2009]
With a lot of prepaid credit cards jostling for the attention of an even larger populace, consumers are left to make a decision based on what the 'ad' says and sometimes misleading information. This article reveals a number of tips to help for choosing the right prepaid credit card that should help consumers tailor a card according to their unique situation.

Preventing Identity Theft - Top 10 Prevention Tips [published 20 May 2009]
Identity theft can happen to anyone, and it is on the rise. Unfortunately there is no way to completely prevent identity theft, but there are a set of steps you can follow to significantly decrease your exposure to id theft. Preventing identity theft takes patience and persistence on the part of consumers, but the sacrifice far outweighs the consequences of neglecting identity protection and falling victim to identity theft.

Credit Cards for Bad Credit Holders [published 7 Jan 2009]
As a young adult or consumer with the need for an improved credit score, how do you choose a credit card which is right for you? Every credit card issuer will report card transactions and account status to one or more of the credit bureaus - this doesn't imply every credit card is worthy of note when building or rebuilding credit becomes your concern.

Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring [published 6 Dec 2008]
Although there are many safeguards you can take to protect yourself from identify theft, it is not fully preventable.

Building and Protecting Business Credit [published 12 Sep 2008]
Responsible credit management is essential to small business success. It can help your business get the money it needs when it needs it and at a good rate. Strong credit

Taking advantage of Credit Card Rewards [published 3 Aug 2008]
How to Take Advantage of Credit Card Rewards: WorldPoints®, Home Purchase, Travel, Gas, and Cash Rebate Programs.

10 Reasons to Use Identity Protection Service [published 25 Jul 2008]
Read about 10 reasons why you need Identity Protection Services like Lifelock and IdentityGuard.

10 Hints for Pumping Up Your Credit Score [published 5 Jul 2008]
What you can do to improve your credit Score? Read our provided list of prescriptive options that can improve your credit.

Mystifying Housing Market and Mortgages [published 16 Apr 2008]
Splitting the atom and discovering the DNA double helix were effortless accomplishments when compared to buying a house with a mortgage. If you have not purchased a house recently (or ever) you may not be aware of the confusion and chaos waiting for you when you find that perfect "for-sale" sign.

LifeLock® vs IDENTITY GUARD®: New High Tech Junk Yard Dogs [published 2 Apr 2008]
Identify theft has happened to you or someone you know. It happened to me in a limited way. Someone sent ...

Business Reward Cards: Doing Business the Rewarding Way [published 7 Mar 2008]
Why should you choose a business card with rewards? As a busy business man or woman you probably want a credit card that works for you in a number of ways...

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