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Save on Mortgage with Biweekly Payments [published 26 Mar 2010]
Biweekly mortgage payments are generally advertised as financial programs that help mortgage borrowers pay out in years less than what’s on the contract. This article tells you how to calculate the number of years and money you keep away from the lender when a biweekly payment program is in place.

Mystifying Housing Market and Mortgages [published 16 Apr 2008]
Splitting the atom and discovering the DNA double helix were effortless accomplishments when compared to buying a house with a mortgage. If you have not purchased a house recently (or ever) you may not be aware of the confusion and chaos waiting for you when you find that perfect "for-sale" sign.

US Military Loans: What You Need to Know About [published 22 Feb 2008]
I f you don't understand the rules; military loans can be as scary as jumping out of a plane or entering boot camp. There are a number of ...

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