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Personal Finance News Author: Armin Daker

Armin Daker (104)

Armin Daker

Armin has a 15 year background in the financial planning industry. Because of this investment, he has had the opportunity to teach concepts in any type of economy, thus making him an expert in his field. Armin has held many seminars which have taught his clients the quickest ways to pay off overwhelming debts, and the best vehicles for retirement planning.

0% APR for Retail Cards? Be Careful

Retail cards are far different than the traditional credit cards you’re now carrying in your wallet. Deferred interest rates are often misunderstood.

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Detroit Offers Pennies on the Dollar to Creditors

Detroit is on the verge of filing bankruptcy. In fact, according to the city’s Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, there’s still a “fifty fifty” chance it will find itself on the wrong side of a bankruptcy filing. This is part of …

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Student Loans and No Solutions

Once again, the Senate failed to pass any kind of bill that would prevent the rates on student loans from doubling later this summer.

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Memorial Day Cyber Attack That Almost Happened

It’s been called “gigantic”, “massive” and “the largest attempt ever”. Those adjectives are being used to describe the cyber attack that almost was on Memorial Day.

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SAC Capital Pulls Investigation Cooperation

The hedge fund, SAC Capital Advisors, worth $15 billion and front and center of an insider trading investigation, just got more interesting. The government, it seems, is no longer going to receive its unconditional cooperation.

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Overwhelming Debt and Suicide

Living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, there was a very disturbing statistic that emerged following the devastating Hurricane Katrina landfall in 2005. These days, it’s a storm of a different kind and because of it, debt and suicide are becoming …

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New Warnings About Debt Collection Calls

Last week, the Federal Trade Commission announced it had settled a lawsuit with several debt collectors after it learned they were fraudulently conducting business. As a result, the companies were forced to pay out nearly $800,000 to consumers after deceptively …

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Bringing Decency & Faith into the Foreclosure Mix

Not long ago, the folks behind the Occupy movement decided they were going to take an amount of money from various sources and use it to simply pay off bills for consumers around the country. It meant many people, in …

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Bank of America Taking Major Hits

It’s been five years since the mortgage crisis landed squarely in Americans’ laps. This week, federal prosecutors aimed their ire towards Bank of America and the accusations are damning.

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Another California City Gears Up for Bankruptcy

Last summer, it seemed as though there was a new trend emerging, one that included several California cities, including San Bernadino and Mammoth Lakes. Stockton was another one of those cities that made the announcement this past June that it …

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$83B in Subsidies, Sen Warren Strikes Again

There’s something about Senator Elizabeth Warren’s fiery financial determination that has many consumers thinking – or saying – “You go, girl!”

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Wal Mart, Costco for Mortgages?

Imagine running into Wal Mart tomorrow on your way home from work to pick up potatoes and milk and then coming out two hours later with a lower interest rate on your home? It’s already possible.

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Student Debt Crisis Grows

Last year, talk was that student loan debt could overshadow even credit card debt in this country and now, there’s proof that it could already be happening as new numbers show the average student loan debt is now more than …

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Visa, Others Launch Financial Inclusion 2020

In a press release on Monday, Visa, Inc, CitiGroup and the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion, officially launched the Financial Inclusion 2020 Campaign.

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A Credit Card User Snapshot

A new report was released recently and reveals a lot about the spending habits of American consumers. Initially, we thought that this past holiday season might be a record breaker for retailers; it started out with a bang, but by …

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