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Personal Finance News Author: Donna McGill

Donna McGill (90)

Donna McGill

Donna is a staff writer that focuses on personal finance. She has written hundreds of articles that have been published across the internet. Her main focus is creating the perfect budget but she also branches out into other areas as well. Donna on Google+

5 Years in: Too Big to Fail

In early October, this past year, New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman vented his frustrations at the lack of any movement being made on the so-called “too big to fail banks”.

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Ready to Pay by Face?

We knew it couldn’t be that far into the future, and as this year has proved, the ability for computers to recognize our faces and then link our credit card information to that image was closer than even we imagined. …

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Whose Bad Financial Choices are Worse: Babyish Bieber or Defiant Deen?

Sometimes, one can’t help but wonder if celebrities’ true purposes are to entertain the rest of us, not with their acting abilities, but rather, because of their unpredictable lives and contradictory statements. Whether it’s the Biebs inability to differentiate between …

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Young Consumers Relying Less on Credit Cards

Seems the recession has brought out the more frugal side in younger Americans. The number of young consumers who rely on credit cards is at a new low.

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Despite Data, We’re Not Financially Recovered

The latest report from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis comes as little surprise to most. The message: Contrary to government insistence, American households have not financially recovered from the housing bubble and financial crisis.

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Ponzi Convict Madoff tells CNN “I Can’t Sleep”

Citing his son’s suicide, Bernie Madoff told CNN this week that he can’t sleep and that he earns just $40 a month doing manual labor behind bars. He also said that while he worked for awhile as a clerk in …

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4 Moms and Money Rules

Now that Mother’s Day is now officially over, many of us were talking about how moms influence their kids and when it comes to money, there are not many whose influence outweighs moms. Moms and money – formidable pair, yes? …

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Consumer Mortgage Mess: the Latest

Seems as though the consumer mortgage financial news in recent weeks has been focused solely on the mortgage lenders’ collective crises. There’s a lot to be sorted out. Not only that, but if the banks and other financial bodies – …

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ATM Scams Rise Dramatically

Imagine watching the evening news and a video pops along with a news story about the ATM you use most often. You may have already seen your bank in the 5 p.m. news and if you haven’t, there’s a good …

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BitCoin Takes Hit, Then Closes with Record Highs

Last week, Bitcoin voluntarily halted its trading for 12 hours due to what’s being described as “another powerful cyber attack”. It was a brutal week, to be sure.

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Safer Banking

While it’s nearing its first year anniversary, many consumers are unaware of the massive effort from Pew Research Center that focuses on safer banking and financial transactions in our technology driven society.

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Financially Prepared for Your Longer Life Span?

Over the past four or five generations, we’ve learned much about good living and what it takes to stay healthy with the goal of living longer. Medicine has evolved to the point to where childhood diseases aren’t death sentences for …

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Occupy Wall Street Buys More Debt

Everyone remembers the announcement by Bank of America more than two years ago that it would be adding a $5 debit card usage fee. And we also remember the massive backlash that announcement caused; so much so, that millions abandoned …

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Should Lawmakers Raise Minimum Wage?

Talk about a double edged sword – our nation’s lawmakers are at odds again, this time over the potential raise in minimum wages. There’s no denying that more money in our pockets means better odds that we can save more …

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Banks that are Getting it Right in Consumer Finance

For any company, and most certainly any kind of financial company, it’s a fine line they walk between remaining profitable while keeping their customers happy. It’s a never-ending dance that if executed properly, is a sure fire way of keeping …

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