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Discover Top Annual Brand Loyalty Poll

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Green Dot <i>primor®</i> Mastercard® Gold Secured Credit Card

The annual Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index indicates that for the fifteenth consecutive year, Discover Bank is the leader in customer brand loyalty for the credit card sector.

The Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index examines around 528 brands across 79 different categories covering all sorts of brands to determine the degree of loyalty consumer’s show towards their favorite brands and providers.

This is the fifteenth straight year that Discover has come out on top of the credit cards category.

When asked for a comment on Discover’s continued success in the brand loyalty survey, Carlos Minetti, president of consumer banking and operations at Discover said,

Receiving independent recognition of our leading customer service is a great honor. Our card members remain loyal to Discover because we commit ourselves every day to making sure they get their needs met on their first call.

Discover is seen to be focused on providing added value on purchases and making their integrated, and relevant rewards convenient to redeem. Discover’s president of U.S. Cards, Harit Talwar also commented on the accolade.

Discover focuses on continually delivering new ways for our customers to be rewarded, giving them added value on their purchases and making it easier to redeem rewards in convenient ways. We listen to our card members and deliver a great customer experience in all interactions and through integrated, relevant offers.

The survey shows that Discover came out on top in “experience” and “authentic innovation” which are the areas that have the greatest impact on customers decisions, expectations, and engagement of a brand.

Brand Keys’ founder and President Robert Passikoff explains that

Brand value has increasingly been defined not through the narrow lens of price, but in terms of the total experience that consumers have when they interact with a given brand. This year’s results demonstrate that concept has truly taken hold, with virtually every category (93%) showing its greatest increase in expectations in the purchase drivers centered on attributes that most strongly impact the customers’ overall experience.

American Express was in second place behind Discover when it came to brand loyalty. Visa and Capital One tied for third place, leaving MasterCard in last place.

Elsewhere in the finance world, Wells Fargo was on top of the bank category, closely followed by second place JP Morgan Chase and third place Bank of New York.

The other categories surveyed include everything from car rental and cell phones to bottled water and children’s breakfast cereal.

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