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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Personal Finance News

Fed Pushes For Mortgage Debt Forgiveness

An already slumping house market has been a source of alarm for the economists for a long time now.

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Chase Cards Join Hands With Southwest Airlines

Chase cards have been working for the betterment of travelers with its new offer.

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White House Official Hit By ID Theft

A teenager from Georgia named James Townsend submitted an application for Discover credit card under a fake name Austin Townsend after finding a social security number on the internet.

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Chase Adopt Simplified Disclosure For Checking Account

Chase have just released a revised summary guide in relation to the Chase Total Checking service with the aim of making the terms and conditions much easier for consumers to understand.

by Armin Daker / Read More

Medical Identity Theft Is Rising

In the past two years a vast amount (as much as ninety-six percent) of providers of health care have admitted misplacing the medical records of their patients, as a recent report has stated.

by Donna McGill / Read More

North Shore Bank Will Pay Customers

North Shore Bank, MA, is set to offer a new incentive to their customers, namely to offer people who hold a checking account a reward scheme that will offer them incentives in exchange for obeying various monthly rules.

by Armin Daker / Read More

Security Concerns Cost Merchants $110B

Due to a severe lack of confidence in using credit cards online, companies will in all likely lose almost $110 billion every year in lost sales.

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Western Union Moves To Global Prepaid Cards

Customers worldwide can at last say farewell to carrying large amounts of money into Western Union offices.

by David White / Read More

More Consumers Turn To Walmart MoneyCard

If your poor credit rating is stopping you from getting your hands on a credit card then maybe you should consider the new Walmart MoneyCard prepaid card.

by Casey B. Miller / Read More

Verizon Do Abrupt U-turn On Credit Card Fees

Verizon have scrapped plans to introduce a new $2 fee for credit and debit card payments made over the phone or online just one day after announcing it.

by David White / Read More

Anonymous Breach Security Firms Servers

The group known as Anonymous have successfully managed to access the servers of global security company Stratfor over the holiday weekend and proceeded to post links to what was claimed to be a confidential client list.

by David White / Read More

PenFed To Be First To Use CFPB Simplified Disclosure Format

Pentagon Federal Credit Union are to be the first to try out the new simplified credit card disclosure form which has been put together by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.

by Casey B. Miller / Read More

Social Networking Authentication To Make Online Transactions Safer

According to recent information, before long there will be the possibility of Social Networking sites being used to verify how trustworthy you are before agreeing to give you a credit card account or other line of credit.

by Armin Daker / Read More

AMEX Goes After Stars With Credit Card Debts

American Express is in the midst of suing Rapper Nelly real name Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., for upwards of $20,000 in unpaid credit card debts.

by Casey B. Miller / Read More

Discover Report 45% Increase In Final Quarter

Discover Financial are finishing up 2011 on a high note after announcing fiscal fourth quarter earnings which showed a 45 percent increase on the previous quarter.

by Armin Daker / Read More

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