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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Personal Finance News

Bringing Decency & Faith into the Foreclosure Mix

Not long ago, the folks behind the Occupy movement decided they were going to take an amount of money from various sources and use it to simply pay off bills for consumers around the country. It meant many people, in …

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Breaking the Numbers Down

The highly anticipated unemployment numbers were released this past Friday and as expected, they were disappointing – tragically disappointing. This week, we take a look at not only the unemployment numbers, but the other reports released last week, including those …

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Bank of America Taking Major Hits

It’s been five years since the mortgage crisis landed squarely in Americans’ laps. This week, federal prosecutors aimed their ire towards Bank of America and the accusations are damning.

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Safer Banking

While it’s nearing its first year anniversary, many consumers are unaware of the massive effort from Pew Research Center that focuses on safer banking and financial transactions in our technology driven society.

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The Focus on 300% Bank Payday Loans

It’s not been too long ago that Bank of America found itself in hot water over an announcement that it would be imposing a $5 debit card usage fee for its customers that didn’t have massive deposits with it. Many …

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Another California City Gears Up for Bankruptcy

Last summer, it seemed as though there was a new trend emerging, one that included several California cities, including San Bernadino and Mammoth Lakes. Stockton was another one of those cities that made the announcement this past June that it …

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Sequestration and How It Can Impact Your Finances

The United States government doesn’t seem to understand you have to spend less than you earn. We have consistently runs large deficits for years regardless of which party held the office of the President or control of the houses of …

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Financially Prepared for Your Longer Life Span?

Over the past four or five generations, we’ve learned much about good living and what it takes to stay healthy with the goal of living longer. Medicine has evolved to the point to where childhood diseases aren’t death sentences for …

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Occupy Wall Street Buys More Debt

Everyone remembers the announcement by Bank of America more than two years ago that it would be adding a $5 debit card usage fee. And we also remember the massive backlash that announcement caused; so much so, that millions abandoned …

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Discover First Again in Customer Offerings

Discover is on a roll this year and we’re barely into March. Now, the credit card giant that’s consistently ranked number on in customer service satisfaction has announced that it would be offering home equity loans before the year is …

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Cyber Crimes Costly to Consumers, Banks

Late last week, a new report was released that tells the tale about just how expensive cyber crime has become in our society. In the past three years, the number of cyber crimes have doubled and the cost of handling …

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Should Lawmakers Raise Minimum Wage?

Talk about a double edged sword – our nation’s lawmakers are at odds again, this time over the potential raise in minimum wages. There’s no denying that more money in our pockets means better odds that we can save more …

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Banks that are Getting it Right in Consumer Finance

For any company, and most certainly any kind of financial company, it’s a fine line they walk between remaining profitable while keeping their customers happy. It’s a never-ending dance that if executed properly, is a sure fire way of keeping …

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$83B in Subsidies, Sen Warren Strikes Again

There’s something about Senator Elizabeth Warren’s fiery financial determination that has many consumers thinking – or saying – “You go, girl!”

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3 Years In, Credit CARD Act Working

Back in the late 1970s, the US Supreme Court ended all federal predatory lending laws. Before long, the credit card economy was born and began thriving almost immediately.

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