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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Personal Finance News

Five Money Rules To Be Avoided According To Study

A recent study into so called money rules has shown that while some of the things we accept as fact are true, many of them should be avoided.

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Consumers Warned to be Wary of Prepaid Card Fees

Over the past few years, prepaid cards have gained popularity among consumers, especially those who are unable to get a traditional credit card or bank account.

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FDIC Calls for Tighter Security Against Hackers

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation chair Shelia Blair recently said that financial institutions and regulators need to do more to protect consumer’ private information.

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MasterCard And Expedia Team Up To Offer Free Gas Incentive

MasterCard has teamed up with Expedia to offer free gas in what looks set to be a very popular summer promotion.

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Study Weighs Up Pros and Cons of Paperless Billing

With the focus on being green creating increasing pressure on companies to be more environmentally friendly, more and more companies are offering paperless billing to customers.

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American Express to Launch New Prepaid Card

American Express is set to launch its very first prepaid debit card next week in an attempt to stake a claim on the rapidly growing prepaid card industry.

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Survey Highlights Social Media Trends For Credit Cards

A recent survey of American banking executives revealed that 74% of them expect social media to be a significant factor in the future of their company’s customer service strategy.

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Consumers Not Interested in Mobile Banking

Bankers are heralding mobile banking as the future of the payments industry. However, a recent survey carried out by the Federal Reserve discovered that consumers are not so taken by mobile banking, with only 10% using mobile devices for banking …

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Citigroup Security Breach Affects Over 200,000 Customers

American consumers are once again facing concerns over credit card security, especially when using their cards online after Citigroup Inc announced an attack on their security system.

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Debt Can Boost Self Esteem In Young Adults

A new study shows that despite popular assumption, credit card debts and student loans do not make young adults anxious about their financial situation. Instead, debt can actually boost self esteem and make young people feel more in control of …

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Avoiding Post-Divorce Money Problems

Breaking up or getting divorced can be hard to do, but it can be especially difficult when finances are involved. A new study advises divorced couples to keep a level head and highlighted five mistakes to avoid when keeping finances …

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Bank of America Shares Fall to Two Year Low

Bank of America shares fell to the lowest levels seen since May 2009 this past Monday as Wall Street became concerned about a lack of capital at big banks.

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Temporary Credit Card Numbers Increase Online Security

In the wake of the recent Sony PlayStation Network security breach, consumers have a renewed interest in single use credit card numbers.

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InsurCard Virtual Card Offers Quick Secure Claim Payments

InsurCard, a leading provider of prepaid cards used to pay insurance claims have expanded their range of products with the launch of the new InsurCard Virtual Card which is designed specifically for making electronic claim payments for medical, auto repair, …

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Teens Become More Aware of Money Management

A new study carried out by Charles Schwab has revealed that the recession has made a large impact on teenagers. High school students now have a much greater appreciation of how hard their parents are having to work to earn …

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