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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Personal Finance News

Child Identity Theft On the Rise

Identity theft is one of the most publicized 21st century crimes and the majority of consumers know how to protect themselves, but a shocking new study by Carnegie Mellon University suggests that 10% of children’s identities have also been stolen …

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Merchants Can Set Minimum Charges

A new federal ruling will allow merchants to set a minimum transaction limit of $10 for all debit and credit card payments.

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IRS Putting Financial Data at Risk

A new report by the Government Accountability Office, instead of improving how they protect taxpayers’ personal financial information, the Internal Revenue Service is actually getting worse at it.

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American Express Hopes Serve Will Rival PayPal

American Express announced the launch of a new e-wallet service on Monday. Serve is a new service which will let customers transfer money to others online and make payments with mobile phones.

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AAA Launches Triple Points Reward Card

The AAA auto club has announced the launch of a new Visa card issued by Bank of America. The Triple Points Credit Card is offering triple reward points on qualifying travel and AAA purchases and double rewards on gas, grocery, …

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Fed Reported Extent of Recession Damage

An extensive study conducted by the Federal Reserve has shown that approximately 2 in every 3 American households have endured significant financial damage during the recession with families losing large chunks of their net worth and watching stock holdings disintegrate …

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SAHMs Hit By New Fed Rules

Last week the Federal Reserve issued credit card companies with a new rule preventing them from taking into account household income when assessing individual applicants applying for a credit card.

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Plans To Shake Up NC State Health Insurance

North Carolina legislators are being forced to plug a $515 million gap in the health insurance plan for state workers, teachers, and retirees by cutting benefits and also by having active workers to pay a monthly contribution, rather than having …

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Bank of America Fee Initiative Test Going Well

A recently launched initiative to realign fees charged on checking accounts and other accounts held at Bank of America has been successfully piloted in Arizona and two other states.

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Unemployment Checks Go Plastic This Summer

California’s Employment Development Department will go ahead with plans to convert paper unemployment checks to plastic debit cards in July 2011. The switch is expected to save the state of California around $4 million per year, despite having been delayed …

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Fraudsters Pose As Charities To Steal Card Details

In the wake of distressing scenes of the devastation brought about by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, American consumers have been eager to make charitable donations to the disaster relief efforts.

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Bank Dividend Decision On The Cards

The Federal Reserve is expected to make a decision in the next few weeks approving dividend increases for major banks. Nineteen major United States banks were asked in January to provide the Federal Reserve with detailed capital plans and also …

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Millions of Credit Cardholders Get Rate Reductions

Many credit card users may be in for a pleasant surprise on their next monthly statement in the form of an interest rate reduction as legally required six month reviews kick in for many cardholders.

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Massachusetts Credit Unions Issue Debit Card Warnings

Two credit unions in Massachusetts are warning customers to keep a close eye on accounts linked to their debit cards after apparently some fraudulent activity was noticed. The GFA Federal Credit Union in Gardner and the Leominster Credit Union have …

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