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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Personal Finance News

Don’t Bail on Your Checking Account Yet

For months, we’ve told readers about the growing number of consumers turning to prepaid debit card products for their lower fee structures and often, better conveniences. More consumers these days are unbanked or underbanked than ever before.

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FINRA: Bank Fines & New Partnerships

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has put its powerful foot down and under it are five of the biggest names in the financial sector who’ve just been ordered to pay fines totaling $4.5 million for their use of municipal and …

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Understanding Credit Card Quarterly Bonuses

You might have noticed many credit card companies, including Discover, JPMorgan Chase and Citibank, now offer quarterly bonus categories as part of their product line.

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2012: The Year of Bank Apologies, Record Fines

From the apologies extended by JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon to the massive LIBOR scandal, this year has brought but one predictable factor from the banking and financial sectors: unpredictability.

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Employees Stealing Customer Credit Card Info on the Rise

The busy holiday season could have something to do with, but even before the first leaves fell in the fall, the number of employees stealing credit card and other personal information from customers was on the rise.

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Potentially $1.7 Billion Left on the Table via Gift Cards

It’s hard to imagine, but estimates are startling when it comes to cash left on the table in the form of unused gift cards this year.

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U.S. Break Online Shopping Record

Citing it as the “busiest five days ever”, online sales have done far better than most analysts thought possible. It’s up more than 13% this year from the same time last year.

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5 Things to Prepare for Holiday Returns

Before you start handing out gifts on Christmas morning, check out our tips that will help your lucky recipients return those gifts – and yes, even that tacky Rudolph sweater in lime green with the big red lighted nose.

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Can HSBC Recover from Scandal?

It just keeps getting worse for HSBC bank. It was announced earlier this week that it had been ordered to pay a record $1.9 billion fine to settle an investigation by U.S. authorities.

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OK with Government Plundering Your Credit Card Records?

It could happen; in fact, Argentina is already scanning its consumers credit card purchases with the goal of taxing any overseas purchases. It now requires banks to report every single credit card transaction, whether it’s a domestic or foreign purchase …

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Shedding the Dollar Bill

It was bound to happen – and now, it looks as though Congress is seriously considering eliminating the one dollar bill.

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JPMorgan Continues Expansion

One thing can be said about JPMorgan Chase bank: if it’s sweating tough economic environments, it has a poker face that’s matched by none and likely has a lot of folks fooled. Even though the possibility of weaker lending rates …

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Discover and Six Flags Partnership Renewed

Three years ago, Discover and Six Flags Entertainment Corporation entered into a three year agreement of corporate sponsorship. It was a successful move for both entities and now, in a joint statement, both companies announced a new multi-year extension of …

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Direct Express Debit MasterCard Unveiled

A new MasterCard debit card is being touted as a great option for federal beneficiaries who are unbanked or underbanked, but who need a no-cost or low-cost alternative to using costly check cashing facilities and carrying large amounts of cash.

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Student Loan Debt Rises as do Defaults

As most Americans have come to expect, there’s both good news and bad news when it comes to their finances. We have been diligent in paying down our credit card debt in recent months, but we’re falling woefully behind in …

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