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Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

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5 Years in: Too Big to Fail

In early October, this past year, New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman vented his frustrations at the lack of any movement being made on the so-called “too big to fail banks”.

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Why is Bank of America Still a Player?

Scandal after scandal after scandal – Bank of America is once again in the regulator crosshairs.

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Overwhelming Financial Truths: How They Affect Everything

If you’re feeling more than slightly overwhelmed with all of the back and forth bickering on Capitol Hill and are confused by all of the so-called “new rules” of good credit, you’re not alone.

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Bank of America Taking Major Hits

It’s been five years since the mortgage crisis landed squarely in Americans’ laps. This week, federal prosecutors aimed their ire towards Bank of America and the accusations are damning.

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Safer Banking

While it’s nearing its first year anniversary, many consumers are unaware of the massive effort from Pew Research Center that focuses on safer banking and financial transactions in our technology driven society.

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The Focus on 300% Bank Payday Loans

It’s not been too long ago that Bank of America found itself in hot water over an announcement that it would be imposing a $5 debit card usage fee for its customers that didn’t have massive deposits with it. Many …

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Banks that are Getting it Right in Consumer Finance

For any company, and most certainly any kind of financial company, it’s a fine line they walk between remaining profitable while keeping their customers happy. It’s a never-ending dance that if executed properly, is a sure fire way of keeping …

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$83B in Subsidies, Sen Warren Strikes Again

There’s something about Senator Elizabeth Warren’s fiery financial determination that has many consumers thinking – or saying – “You go, girl!”

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Wal Mart, Costco for Mortgages?

Imagine running into Wal Mart tomorrow on your way home from work to pick up potatoes and milk and then coming out two hours later with a lower interest rate on your home? It’s already possible.

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Would You Use an Online Only Bank?

A new poll that outlines the best online banks was released this week. Many are unaware that online-only banks exist. Most consumers believe online banking is simply an extension of the traditional bank they use in their communities. There is …

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Visa, Others Launch Financial Inclusion 2020

In a press release on Monday, Visa, Inc, CitiGroup and the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion, officially launched the Financial Inclusion 2020 Campaign.

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Is Bank of America Failing?

Things just keep getting worse for one of the nation’s biggest banks. This week alone, it’s been hit with two massive multi-million dollar fines, it’s being accused of meddling in citizens’ Second Amendment rights and it’s being accused of discrimination …

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Bank of America, Citigroup: Their Own Worst Enemy?

It’s been tough go for U.S. banks in recent years. Most banks, by nature, however, are aggressive and they hardly missed a beat.

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Don’t Bail on Your Checking Account Yet

For months, we’ve told readers about the growing number of consumers turning to prepaid debit card products for their lower fee structures and often, better conveniences. More consumers these days are unbanked or underbanked than ever before.

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FINRA: Bank Fines & New Partnerships

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has put its powerful foot down and under it are five of the biggest names in the financial sector who’ve just been ordered to pay fines totaling $4.5 million for their use of municipal and …

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