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Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

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0% APR for Retail Cards? Be Careful

Retail cards are far different than the traditional credit cards you’re now carrying in your wallet. Deferred interest rates are often misunderstood.

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Young Consumers Relying Less on Credit Cards

Seems the recession has brought out the more frugal side in younger Americans. The number of young consumers who rely on credit cards is at a new low.

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Credit Card Stereotyping in Advertising

After seeing a series of credit card offers in nearly every media outlet, it would seem as though there are credit card stereotyping efforts that run rampant in the country.

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Discover First Again in Customer Offerings

Discover is on a roll this year and we’re barely into March. Now, the credit card giant that’s consistently ranked number on in customer service satisfaction has announced that it would be offering home equity loans before the year is …

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3 Years In, Credit CARD Act Working

Back in the late 1970s, the US Supreme Court ended all federal predatory lending laws. Before long, the credit card economy was born and began thriving almost immediately.

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CFPB Conducting New Research Into College Credit Card Use

As part of its responsibilities, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is now tackling college-endorsed banking products with the goal of ensuring college students are being treated fairly and “are getting a good deal.”

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What’s Going On Over at American Express?

There’s a new J.D. Powers and Associates survey and it appears American Express has claimed the coveted number one position in customer satisfaction. This, according to a survey that included 14,000 consumers, is based on a number of factors, including …

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Equifax: Highest Credit Card Limits Since 2009

We knew it was just a matter of time before credit card companies began loosening their restrictions and now, it looks as though it’s coming full circle.

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A Credit Card User Snapshot

A new report was released recently and reveals a lot about the spending habits of American consumers. Initially, we thought that this past holiday season might be a record breaker for retailers; it started out with a bang, but by …

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OK with Government Plundering Your Credit Card Records?

It could happen; in fact, Argentina is already scanning its consumers credit card purchases with the goal of taxing any overseas purchases. It now requires banks to report every single credit card transaction, whether it’s a domestic or foreign purchase …

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Direct Express Debit MasterCard Unveiled

A new MasterCard debit card is being touted as a great option for federal beneficiaries who are unbanked or underbanked, but who need a no-cost or low-cost alternative to using costly check cashing facilities and carrying large amounts of cash.

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Even More Credit Card Fees

Once again, we’re looking a bevy of fees being tacked on to our credit card statements. They’re small and you can be sure it’s deliberate – most of us don’t want to spend any time questioning a ninety cent charge, …

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For Business Owners, Chase Ink Bold Rules

If there’s a universe challenge for small and medium size business owners, it’s finding the right credit card to meet their ever-evolving needs. It’s about flexibility and freedom. There’s one card that brings it all to the table. That credit …

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Stay-At-Home Spouses Get New Credit Consideration

Before the development of the CFPB, the Obama administration passed the CARD Act of 2009. This established a new foothold for improving credit in the United States that is helping stay-at-home spouses regain better credit standing.

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Credit Card Companies Dropping Credit Protection Plans

Remember that credit protection plan that was designed to kick in if you ever lost your job? You know – the one you’ve likely never used? Well, it could be that your credit card company is kicking it to the …

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