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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

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New Worries in Consumer Credit Scores

We tell our readers all the time, “Check your credit scores once a year so that you’re getting the best rates”. We encourage our readers to request lower interest rates on their credit cards when their scores improve and we …

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More Americans Now Have Improving Credit Scores

With so much negative news about the financial sector as a whole, a surprising new trend is emerging. That trend tells us that fewer Americans have poor credit scores. And the reasons run the gamut.

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The 4 Most Common Credit Report Mistakes That Are Easy To Fix

Many people think of credit retroactively and that actually hurts them when it comes time to apply for credit. Being proactive, on the other hand, will help you avoid these 4 mistakes many people miss.

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FICO Losing its Shine?

There’s at least one group, a subsidiary of the National Association of Federal Credit Unions, that’s pushing for lenders to abandon FICO as its industry standard in lieu of an alternative it says is more accurate.

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How Does Unemployment Affect Your Credit?

During a tough economy, strange questions such as this one come to the forefront but the answer is not so cut-and-dry. Unemployment can affect your credit, but probably not in the ways you might expect.

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Seniors Suddenly “Unscorable” After Closing Accounts

Because of the way that credit scores and creditworthiness are determined, people who choose to close their accounts once paying off the balances may quickly discover it was a bad idea.

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Credit Report vs Credit Score: The Truth

Understanding your credit history is very important but many consumers probably do not realize that it is actually more important to focus on your credit report over your credit score.

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Younger Consumers Do Not Know Their Credit Score

Despite the easy availability of credit reports these days, it seems that large number of consumers do not know their own credit scores.

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3 Quick and Easy Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

Whether you are trying to repair your credit or are looking for better opportunities in the future, there are 3 easy and quick ways you can do to increase your credit score.

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New Extended View Credit Score Targets the “Underbanked”

Experian revealed a new credit score to represent the “underbanked” population in order to make it easier for them to qualify for credit and access cost-effective loans.

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How Your Credit Report Can Cost You A Job

Most people are aware of how important a good credit history is but in a tough job market a bad credit score could cost you more than a new loan; it could cost you a new job.

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Consumers Are Learning More About Credit Scores

According to a May 2012 survey by VantageScore Solutions and the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) most Americans struggle with understanding the way credit scores work.

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Bankruptcy Filing Decreases In The First Quarter

There has been significant improvement in the overall economy across the whole country of late and according to experts this has resulted in fewer consumers having to seek out protection from aggressive creditors by filing for bankruptcy.

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Credit Agencies And Debt Collectors New CFPB Targets

A proposal by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has said that credit reporting agencies and debt collectors will be more closely monitored in the future.

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High Credit Scores Don’t Always Have Benefits

33 year old financial planner, Jeff Rose has been trying to enhance his credit rating even though it currently stands at 780 which are 69 points above average.

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