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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Personal Finance News - Debt

Three-quarters of Americans are Living Paycheck to Paycheck

This may not come as a surprise to the majority of Americans, but a new report reveals what’s going on just below the surface in home across the country. More than 75 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

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Detroit Offers Pennies on the Dollar to Creditors

Detroit is on the verge of filing bankruptcy. In fact, according to the city’s Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, there’s still a “fifty fifty” chance it will find itself on the wrong side of a bankruptcy filing. This is part of …

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Student Loans and No Solutions

Once again, the Senate failed to pass any kind of bill that would prevent the rates on student loans from doubling later this summer.

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Despite Data, We’re Not Financially Recovered

The latest report from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis comes as little surprise to most. The message: Contrary to government insistence, American households have not financially recovered from the housing bubble and financial crisis.

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Overwhelming Debt and Suicide

Living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, there was a very disturbing statistic that emerged following the devastating Hurricane Katrina landfall in 2005. These days, it’s a storm of a different kind and because of it, debt and suicide are becoming …

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New Warnings About Debt Collection Calls

Last week, the Federal Trade Commission announced it had settled a lawsuit with several debt collectors after it learned they were fraudulently conducting business. As a result, the companies were forced to pay out nearly $800,000 to consumers after deceptively …

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Breaking the Numbers Down

The highly anticipated unemployment numbers were released this past Friday and as expected, they were disappointing – tragically disappointing. This week, we take a look at not only the unemployment numbers, but the other reports released last week, including those …

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Another California City Gears Up for Bankruptcy

Last summer, it seemed as though there was a new trend emerging, one that included several California cities, including San Bernadino and Mammoth Lakes. Stockton was another one of those cities that made the announcement this past June that it …

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Occupy Wall Street Buys More Debt

Everyone remembers the announcement by Bank of America more than two years ago that it would be adding a $5 debit card usage fee. And we also remember the massive backlash that announcement caused; so much so, that millions abandoned …

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Student Debt Crisis Grows

Last year, talk was that student loan debt could overshadow even credit card debt in this country and now, there’s proof that it could already be happening as new numbers show the average student loan debt is now more than …

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Middle Age Americans Carrying More Credit Card Debt

Today’s younger adults might be struggling to resist whipping out their new credit card for that new handbag or jet ski or maybe even a weekend getaway, but there’s a fact many may find surprising: in 2012, Americans age 50 …

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Student Loan Debt Rises as do Defaults

As most Americans have come to expect, there’s both good news and bad news when it comes to their finances. We have been diligent in paying down our credit card debt in recent months, but we’re falling woefully behind in …

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Ten Debt-Free Mindsets

The difference between poverty and affluence has more to do with money; it is a matter of mindset and lifestyle. In fact, there are several character traits that anyone can develop in order to create more opportunity for affluence in …

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Consumers May Be At A Loss Transitioning Out of the Recession

During a time when money is cheap, consumers are getting shut out of potential credit opportunities thanks to plummeting property values, quickly falling interest rates, and a shift in consumer debt.

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Consumers Cutting Credit Card Debt

Reports show that revolving credit fell slightly in April but with interest rates holding steady and installment loans on the rise consumers are not in the clear yet regarding their debt.

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