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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

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Memorial Day Cyber Attack That Almost Happened

It’s been called “gigantic”, “massive” and “the largest attempt ever”. Those adjectives are being used to describe the cyber attack that almost was on Memorial Day.

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Employees Stealing Customer Credit Card Info on the Rise

The busy holiday season could have something to do with, but even before the first leaves fell in the fall, the number of employees stealing credit card and other personal information from customers was on the rise.

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Identity Theft Intensifies: Protect Yourself

We’ve heard that identity theft is on the rise and after hearing it’s getting more intense and more sophisticated, we thought we’d look into it and see just what these latest efforts are those unscrupulous people willing to go to …

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New Cyber Attacks on U.S. Banks?

If the big banks were thinking the worse was behind them in terms of the massive breaches over the past few weeks, there are new worries that these attacks are about to kick into high gear again.

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Fraud on the Elderly Increases

The number of seniors in the U.S. is on the rise and as our parents prepare to retire, they move into one of the most vulnerable classes for fraudsters and identity thieves.

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Security Concerns Do Nothing To Curb Online Spending

Internet purchases are on the rise, and so is the use of credit cards.

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Credit Card Details Sold Online by Thieves

You are able to purchase almost everything over the internet of late, due in part to the bigger vendors and auction sites such as eBay and Amazon, and Craiglist.

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Recent Data Breach Raises Credit Card Security Concerns

Within the past couple of months, one of the country’s most important debit and credit card payment processing companies had the misfortune of suffering from a data breach.

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FTC Chairman Addresses Consumer Privacy Standards

Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Jon Leibowitz called his agency’s new privacy framework a “decisive moment for consumer privacy” when addressing Congress earlier this month.

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Global Payments Inc. Highlights Data Breach Issues

Following a recent security breach at the worldwide payment processor Global Payment Inc., credit card numbers for up to 1.5 million Visa and MasterCard account holders are believed to have been compromised.

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Verizon Report Claims 97% of Data Intrusions Are Avoidable

In a recently documented review of America’s data security carried out by the Verizon RISK Team has revealed that around 97 percent of all security breaches relating to data could have been prevented.

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Avoiding Email Phishing Scams with 5 Tips from Visa

During the recent National Consumer Protection Week, security professionals with Visa Inc. wanted to provide a greater awareness to consumers regarding e-mail phishing scams.

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Are We All Doomed To Having Our Identities Stolen?

When I open my e-mail inbox, it reminds me of taking a stroll through a market in an eastern country, through the throngs of pickpockets.

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Is It Safe To Pay Cab Fares With Your Credit Cards?

A sticker was recently spotted in the window of a taxi cab in Dallas, Texas, stating that a person’s identity may be stolen if they use their credit card to pay for their ride.

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Security Tips For Zappos Shoppers

If you shop at Zappos then you are one of 24 million customers who risk their personal information in a security foul at this famous online store.

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