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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

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Detroit Offers Pennies on the Dollar to Creditors

Detroit is on the verge of filing bankruptcy. In fact, according to the city’s Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, there’s still a “fifty fifty” chance it will find itself on the wrong side of a bankruptcy filing. This is part of …

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New Medical and Insurance Scores Launched By FICO

According to new research by America’s leading credit scoring agency, a consumer’s credit card payment history can be a good indicator for doctor’s regarding whether or not that individual will take medication on time.

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Report Highlights No Exam Life Insurance Cover

A report released earlier this month detailed how many American consumers do not get quotations for life insurance because they are afraid that they will probably fail the medical exam which is usually required by insurance providers before a …

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Making The Most of Private Mortgage Insurance

New statistics suggest that consumers are taking advantage of Private Mortgage Insurance to help them purchase better quality housing without putting down large sums of money.

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Five Life Insurance Companies Lose AAA Rating

Over the last few weeks, five of the United States largest life insurance companies have lost their AAA ratings from one of the country’s largest credit rating agencies.

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InsurCard Virtual Card Offers Quick Secure Claim Payments

InsurCard, a leading provider of prepaid cards used to pay insurance claims have expanded their range of products with the launch of the new InsurCard Virtual Card which is designed specifically for making electronic claim payments for medical, auto repair, …

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Studies Highlight Gaps in Disability Insurance

Setting up some sort of disability insurance is the first step in ensuring you are covered in case of an unexpected accident, but recent studies suggest it might not be enough.

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Credit Card Insurance Policies Fall Short

Some credit card companies are offering insurance as a perk of being a cardholder, either as part of membership benefits or for a small additional fee.

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Plans To Shake Up NC State Health Insurance

North Carolina legislators are being forced to plug a $515 million gap in the health insurance plan for state workers, teachers, and retirees by cutting benefits and also by having active workers to pay a monthly contribution, rather than having …

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