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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

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Student Loans and No Solutions

Once again, the Senate failed to pass any kind of bill that would prevent the rates on student loans from doubling later this summer.

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Payday Loans in the Line of Fire: CFPB

It promised to crack down on the expensive payday loans and the companies that provide those types of services. It now appears the Consumer Financial Protection is doing just that very thing.

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Consumer Mortgage Mess: the Latest

Seems as though the consumer mortgage financial news in recent weeks has been focused solely on the mortgage lenders’ collective crises. There’s a lot to be sorted out. Not only that, but if the banks and other financial bodies – …

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The Focus on 300% Bank Payday Loans

It’s not been too long ago that Bank of America found itself in hot water over an announcement that it would be imposing a $5 debit card usage fee for its customers that didn’t have massive deposits with it. Many …

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Wells Fargo Announces Online Small Business Credit Center

On Thursday, Wells Fargo announced its newly launched online Business Credit Center. Small business owners will discover a wealth of resources that will help them learn more about business credit, including help for putting together a strong Small Business Administration …

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Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Step Up for Sandy Victims

We’ve been covering over the past few days the various ways the big banks are stepping up to the plate for their customers affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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ACLU sues Morgan Stanley, Claims Racial Bias

The American Civil Liberties Union sued Morgan Stanley last week. Allegations include racial discrimination in its packaging of what it says were “risky subprime mortgage loans” into securities.

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U.S. vs. Wells Fargo: The Massive Lawsuit

A massive civil mortgage lawsuit was filed this week by the U.S. government against Wells Fargo & Co. This is just the latest in lawsuits that so many of the nation’s biggest banks are facing in a new financial environment. …

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Homeowners Could Come Out On Top Thanks to the National Mortgage Settlement

The recently developed National Mortgage Settlement forges an agreement between federal and state law enforcement agencies and mortgage issuing institutions to refund $21.5 billion to a collection of consumers experienced duress from deceptive lending practices.

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A Voice for Those Needing Mortgage Assistance

For some time now, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has reached out to American consumers on a host of issues. It’s asked for public opinion, it’s asked frustrated consumers to submit their complaints regarding their credit card companies, their student …

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Slow Student Loan Repayment Contributes To Economic Stagnancy

In light of continuing economic stagnancy in the United States, present research shows that the unimpressive growth in America may be the result of immobility in the student loan industry.

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Why Can’t Fannie and Freddie Mac Reduce Mortgages?

Bank of America is stepping in to help homeowners who are upside-down in their mortgage, leading consumers to question what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac intend to do in response.

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3 Ways Your Credit Score Benefits From A Personal Loan

Consolidating or reducing your debt is definitely something that will help you in the long run, but a personal loan may also provide additional benefits that you don’t know about; but you should.

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Seniors Hit Hardest In Housing Crunch

Recent AARP report showed that more than half are currently going through financial hardships that previous generations of elderly would have never imagined.

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Less-Than-Favorable Credit? Your Can Still Get A Car Loan

A questionable credit score will no longer prevent you from getting a new car; at least, that is what recent statistics suggest.

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