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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Personal Finance News - Miscellaneous

Fannie Mae vs. Banks, U.S. Treasury

Seems as though Fannie Mae is morphing into an unpredictable, courtroom-loving entity that it was never supposed to be. But is it because the GSE is actually playing by the rules with a government that changes those rules on a …

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Capping Off the Financial News Week

It’s been a doozy of a week for American consumers. From the new unemployment numbers a few hours ago that reveal an uptick in unemployment claims to the bombshells that are dropping about the American government collecting untold numbers of …

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Is YNAB Worth Your Time and Investment?

From time to time, we come across new apps and programs designed to help manage consumers’ finances. Some are remarkable and others, well…aren’t.

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SAC Capital Pulls Investigation Cooperation

The hedge fund, SAC Capital Advisors, worth $15 billion and front and center of an insider trading investigation, just got more interesting. The government, it seems, is no longer going to receive its unconditional cooperation.

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Ponzi Convict Madoff tells CNN “I Can’t Sleep”

Citing his son’s suicide, Bernie Madoff told CNN this week that he can’t sleep and that he earns just $40 a month doing manual labor behind bars. He also said that while he worked for awhile as a clerk in …

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4 Moms and Money Rules

Now that Mother’s Day is now officially over, many of us were talking about how moms influence their kids and when it comes to money, there are not many whose influence outweighs moms. Moms and money – formidable pair, yes? …

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HAMP Re-defaults Alarmingly High

It was designed to keep homeowners who were at or near the foreclosure level in their homes. Instead, President Obama’s “cure-all”, now in its fourth year, is failing miserably. The mortgage modification program, Making Home Affordable, or HAMP, was supposed …

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Bank of America Partners With Khan Academy

Bank of America is doing its best to rise above the problems in the financial sector these days and one way it’s doing that is by partnering with Khan Academy to offer customers the opportunity to really delve into their …

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BitCoin Takes Hit, Then Closes with Record Highs

Last week, Bitcoin voluntarily halted its trading for 12 hours due to what’s being described as “another powerful cyber attack”. It was a brutal week, to be sure.

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Bringing Decency & Faith into the Foreclosure Mix

Not long ago, the folks behind the Occupy movement decided they were going to take an amount of money from various sources and use it to simply pay off bills for consumers around the country. It meant many people, in …

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Financially Prepared for Your Longer Life Span?

Over the past four or five generations, we’ve learned much about good living and what it takes to stay healthy with the goal of living longer. Medicine has evolved to the point to where childhood diseases aren’t death sentences for …

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Should Lawmakers Raise Minimum Wage?

Talk about a double edged sword – our nation’s lawmakers are at odds again, this time over the potential raise in minimum wages. There’s no denying that more money in our pockets means better odds that we can save more …

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Treasury Pick Lew Faces Critics on Citigroup, U.S. Debt

This is no doubt going to be a brutal week for Obama pick Jack Lew, who is slated to step into the role Hillary Clinton left a week ago. Specifically, he’s going to face a series of tough questions on …

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Know What Verified Income Is?

If you’ve ever bought a home, odds are, you know exactly what a verified income is. Unfortunately, the former head of the one-time largest mortgage lender in the U.S. doesn’t have a clue.

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U.S. Break Online Shopping Record

Citing it as the “busiest five days ever”, online sales have done far better than most analysts thought possible. It’s up more than 13% this year from the same time last year.

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