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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Personal Finance News - Mobile Banking

Google Changes the Game Again With Their Mobile Wallet Application

As one of the largest web companies in the world, Google has had a hand in a large amount of technological innovation over the past several years. They plan to continue this tradition with the development of their mobile payment …

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Lemon Wallet Turns Your Android Device Into A Virtual Wallet

Mobile and virtual payment systems are the talk of the town right now and Lemon Wallet aims to make this transition easier for Android users looking to streamline their consumer experience.

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The Darker Side of NFC Technology

People are excited about Near-Field Communication Technology as the beginning of a more convenient financial future.

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3 Ways To Pay With Your Smartphone

As the face of the financial market continues to change, mobile technology continues to rest at the forefront.

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Smartphones, E-Wallets, and Alternative Payment Methods

Alternative payment methods are on the rise and are slated to overtake credit/debit cards in the very near future.

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Smart Phones Set To Replace Wallets

Inside a decade, a new survey states that smartphones will become Americans’ preferred money-storing and spending apparatus.

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Mobile Card Processors and Payments Gain Popularity

The biggest dealer of mobile credit card payments in recent times gives an account of just what in the last months it has seen and its annualized anticipation for transaction costs grow by 25 percent.

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Telefonica And Mastercard Launch Brand Name

On February 23, 2012 MasterCard and Telefonica came together and unveiled the name of their new brand name that is looking to spread the development of mobile financial solutions in a dozen Latin American markets.

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Mobile Payments Application For London 2012 Olympics

Samsung and Visa have recently unveiled the official mobile payments application of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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New Facebook App for Citibank

If you are currently a member of Citibank’s ThankYou rewards program, then there is a brand new facebook app now ready for you to use that allows you and your friends and family to pool all of your reward points.

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Subway Sign Up For Google Wallet

The Google Wallet technology is gaining momentum after another major restaurant chain signed on to support the new contactless credit card payments using PayPass technology and Google Wallet.

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Smartphone Apps Help Consumers Stay On Budget

A recent study shows that with the meteoric rise of Smartphones in the United States, which has over 74.6 million in circulation, applications, or apps, are playing a big part in creating and managing budgets for debt laden American consumers.

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Consumers Not Interested in Mobile Banking

Bankers are heralding mobile banking as the future of the payments industry. However, a recent survey carried out by the Federal Reserve discovered that consumers are not so taken by mobile banking, with only 10% using mobile devices for banking …

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PayPal – Most Trusted Brand For Handling Personal Data

A new survey by market research company GfK suggests that eBay’s online payment system PayPal could see a massive boost as the mobile payments industry explodes over the course of the next 12 months.

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Beware Lack of Protection Mobile Payments

A growing number of consumers are turning to mobile payments for faster, more convenient transactions. However, consumer advocate groups have this week issued advice warning consumers to be more cautious because Federal consumer protection laws have not kept up with …

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