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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Personal Finance News - Taxes

9 Ways to Spend, Save, and Invest Your Tax Refund

Tax season is in full swing. Last minute returns have been sent in and tax refunds are rolling out to taxpayers across America. Whether you get a small tax refund or a massive refund you need to have a …

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Sequestration and How It Can Impact Your Finances

The United States government doesn’t seem to understand you have to spend less than you earn. We have consistently runs large deficits for years regardless of which party held the office of the President or control of the houses of …

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Welfare Biggest Budget Item in FY2011

No one is looking forward to any increase in their taxes – and the concerns are growing around the possible expiration of Bush tax cuts on January 1. Families are worried about making their mortgage and credit card payments, they’re …

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New Tax Form Causes Problems For Businesses

In excess of 50 million companies that take debit and credit cards or payments online, are taking stock of a new tax-reporting form that has come into existence, the 1099-K.

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Credit Cards And Income Tax

Any user who has been going through a rough financial time after the holiday season has no time to take breathes of relief as the tax season is on vogue again.

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Few States Using Debit Cards For Tax Refunds

The tax season of 2011 has seen release of income tax refunds by the use of pre-loaded debit cards.

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