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Redeem Miles and Points - Reward Redemption

As a member of one of the major rewards networks you may wish to check your credit card reward account or redeem the Rewards miles and points or other benefits you have earned. Simply click on the secure link to the login page applicable to you. Remember Market Pro Secure has no access to your confidential information. This feature is provided purely for your convenience.

[1] Redeem Thank You Network Reward Points

Thank You Network
If you hold a participating Citibank credit card or eligible checking account and have registered with the Thank You Network you can access your account from ThankYou Network login page. The points earned from using your card can be redeemed for a variety of rewards including a wide range of consumer goods, gift cards and even personally customised rewards through the Your Wish Fulfilled feature. The above links are for live account cardholders only. If you are interested in applying for a credit card that participates in the Thank You Network you can view and compare the options available on Thank You Network Cards page.

[2] Redeem World Points Network Rewards

World Points Network
If you use your credit card to participate in the Bank Of America World Points Rewards network, you can reach your account and manage rewards from the World Points Network page. After logging in you can check your account status and redeem you points against an exciting range of consumer products, other exclusive rewards, gift vouchers and even cash. The above links are for live card account holders only. If you are considering applying for a World Points Rewards credit card you can check the options available at World Points Network credit cards page.

[3] Redeem Aadvantage Network Mile Rewards

Aadvantage Network
As an Aadvantage network cardholder you can use the following link to visit your account, check the air miles you have accumulated, and make travel or accommodation bookings. Login and manage your rewards at Aadvantage Rewards Network page. This link is for Aadvantage account holders only. If you are thinking about applying for a credit card that earns air miles rewards you can compare the MarketProSecure featured options on Aadvantage Reward Credit Cards page.

[4] Redeem Discover 'Get More' Network CashBack Rewards

Get More Network
As a Discover cardholder you know you can get substantial cashback rewards on every purchase you make and that you can use your credit card knowing you have complete fraud protection. If you wish to access and check your account you can do so through the link to the Get More login page. This link is for Discover cardholders only. If you would like to check and compare Discover card options featured on the MarketProSecure site and apply online for a credit card you may do so on the Discover credit cards page.

[5] Redeem Amtrak Guest Network Rewards

Amtrak Guest Rewards Network
As an enrolled Amtrak Guest Rewards member you will be aware of the benefits attached to the programme. To check or redeem your points you may use the Amtrak Guest Rewards Network page. If you travel by train it would make sense to check out the Amtrak Guest Reward programme. You not only earn points redeemable for goods and services, but you can also exchange them for gift vouchers to spend at major retail outlets and for air miles with selected airlines. You can earn extra points when quoting your member number at participating hotel, car hire and other providers. You can find details and enroll on the Amtrak Guest Rewards Credit Card page.

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Redeem Your Rewards - Redeem Miles and Points

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