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Should I DIY or Hire A Pro For Identity Fraud Protection? [published 31 May 2011]
Protecting your identity in this high-tech world can be just as important as protecting your family or personal belongings. Like most things, you can protect your identity by taking measures into your own hands or by using a professional company.

Preventing Identity Theft - Top 10 Prevention Tips [published 20 May 2009]
Identity theft can happen to anyone, and it is on the rise. Unfortunately there is no way to completely prevent identity theft, but there are a set of steps you can follow to significantly decrease your exposure to id theft. Preventing identity theft takes patience and persistence on the part of consumers, but the sacrifice far outweighs the consequences of neglecting identity protection and falling victim to identity theft.

Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring [published 6 Dec 2008]
Although there are many safeguards you can take to protect yourself from identify theft, it is not fully preventable.

10 Reasons to Use Identity Protection Service [published 25 Jul 2008]
Read about 10 reasons why you need Identity Protection Services like Lifelock and IdentityGuard.

LifeLockĀ® vs IDENTITY GUARDĀ®: New High Tech Junk Yard Dogs [published 2 Apr 2008]
Identify theft has happened to you or someone you know. It happened to me in a limited way. Someone sent ...

Stealing Your Life: 7 Tips to Help Avoid Identify Theft [published 22 Jan 2008]
A good friend e-mailed me last week to say she had become a victim of identity theft. She found out she was in a titanic mess when she started receiving phone calls about her applications to buy a car, enter a ...

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