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Shopping for a good credit card is easier with University Bank. Partnered with the Independent Community Bankers of America organization, the bank is able to offer a higher quality card than the average community bank. Features include a rewards program, 24/7 customer support and much more for you to take advantage of.

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[1] BillMyParents Prepaid MasterCard®

BillMyParents Prepaid MasterCard
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- Teen debit card benefits
- Get your teen started on the path to smart spending today
- Easily set strict spending limits
- Lock/Unlock Your Teen's Card with a Simple Text
- Monitor Purchase Alerts in Real-Time on Your Mobile Phone
- Family or Friends Can Reload Funds
- No Credit Risks or Overdraft Fees
- Safer than cash with lost card protection
- Use anywhere debit MasterCard is accepted
Opening Min App Fee ATM Fee Other Fees Credit Reporting Credit Needed
$10.00$0.00*$1.50View NoAccepts All*
ATM Balance Inquiry – Domestic
ATM Balance Inquiry – Intl.
ATM Decline – Domestic
ATM Decline – Intl.
ATM Insufficient Funds – Domestic
ATM Insufficient Funds – Intl.
ATM Withdrawal – Domestic
ATM Withdrawal – Intl.
Activation Fee
Card Replacement
Monthly Allowance Load (ACH)
Monthly Service Fee
Overdraft Fee
PIN Based Purchase Fee
Prepaid Card One-Time Load (ACH)
Prepaid Card One-Time Load (Credit Card)
Replacement Card Express Service
Signature Purchase Fee

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